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Tile could be the answer to your flooring needs

For those homeowners who have a variety of different needs for each room, tile flooring makes an excellent material choice. It’s incredibly durable, offers excellent décor-matching visuals, and has an extensive lifespan that will save you money over time. It’s perfect for every space in your home.

These materials are tremendous all-season flooring, and they can easily help create unique and one-of-a-kind designs, especially when you have the tiles cut for mosaic use. Some homeowners go wall to wall with the same motif, while others utilize something different for each room. No matter what your preferences, you’re sure to find a pleasing option in this flooring line.

Options in tile flooring

Ceramic tile is one option for a stunning floor. These pieces are hard, dense, and offer some of the most vibrant colors available. Since they are a combination of all-natural materials, they do not have a through-body color scheme, so they are covered with a liquid glass glaze for excellent aesthetics. It’s easy to match décor when there are so many color options to choose from.
Porcelain tile is another option that utilizes the highest quality clay for a through-body color that usually only needs a clear glaze. The incredible natural beauty is perfect for those earthy spaces where a neutral floor covering is a great base for any décor. They’re also very dense and offers excellent water resistance, especially in laundry rooms and basements.

Natural stone tile is another option that allows you to take advantage of an all-natural resource that has excellent durability for a very long lifespan. These tiles are often used in outdoor spaces, as they are naturally resistant to weather and temperature changes, especially when appropriately sealed. You'll be surprised at the versatility you'll experience with these tiles in place. For more information about the many ways, tile can enhance your home, be sure to visit us soon.

Let us know what kind of tile flooring you need

Earl Smith Flooring is a tile store in Smyrna, GA that serves all of Georgia, including Marietta, Norcross, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Smyrna, Vinings, and Dallas, GA. When you visit our showroom, our associates will make sure to get to know what you want and need and help you browse our excellent selection of inventory pieces for the perfect materials. When you’re ready for the best tile flooring experience, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.