As you search for floor tile, you may hear that the materials make a room cooler or warmer. And we know you have questions about the accuracy of this statement.

The good news is that we can answer this question and many more like it. So here are some facts about tile and temperatures you may want to learn more about.

Does tile warm or cool a room?

The truth is that tile creates no temperature of its own, so it's not responsible for these changes. But it does work in ways that can affect the temperature for excellent results.

Floor tile features a dense, hard construction that can work as an added insulation source. That means your cool home stays cooler, and your warm home stays warmer.

What about comfort?

You may also hear that tile is a cold and unfeeling surface, especially if you have children. But a few well-placed area rugs, runners, or mats can solve this problem.

These additions offer more comfort, softness, and safety and make tile floors more appealing. So when you're ready to layer on this element, we're here to help.

What else can I expect with tile?

Our tile shop offers the perfect choice for stunning visuals. In addition, there seems to be no end to the customizations available here.

Be sure to share your specific flooring dreams, and we'll work to meet them. You'll find floors you will love for years, and we can start today.

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